Public Relations Strategy and Branding

Every contact your organization makes with customers, employees, vendors, regulators, the media and other audiences becomes an enduring part of your brand image: your reputation. We’ll help you build, maintain and protect your brand, project a positive public image and differentiate you from the competition.

Positive Press PR develops customized programs that integrate and align public relations with other branding efforts and overall company goals. We develop and execute strategic plans, messaging platforms and tactical campaigns to generate constant, wide-ranging media coverage. The first step is to understand your position in the market and the media. We conduct a complete audit of media coverage for you and your competitors. Then we develop messaging targeted at specific audiences that support your sales and branding efforts.

Unlike other PR agencies, Positive Press PR knows that the messaging and positioning component is not an academic end in itself—it’s what drives our uncommonly powerful execution. We determine a winning strategy and then put unrelenting focus into implementation.