Baltimore, MD  — Regi Taylor, an African American artist in the Baltimore, Maryland area, has designed what he is calling the BMORE Community Sculpture, and has plans to construct it in Baltimore by late Summer. Taylor comments, “The sculpture is only the centerpiece of a larger community development initiative and is intended to expand awareness, galvanize support and generate revenue to make positive social change in Baltimore, with the focus on our public school population.”

He continues, “As a sometimes troubled youth growing up in Baltimore’s westside Reservior Hill neighborhood I was struck by a mural an anonymous artist had painted near Druid Hill Park that simply said, ‘LIFE’ in bold, three-foot tall letters that always made me take pause and think about my own life which at various stages of my youthful development I knew was headed in the wrong direction.”
Taylor has teamed up with Owings Mills, Maryland-based Direct Dimensions Inc. (DDI) to develop the preliminary ground work for eventual construction of the BMORE Sculpture. DDI is a company that specializes in the conversion of complex three-dimensional data into 3D computer models which will allow a much shortened construction time for BMORE using rapid-prototyping and fabrication methods. “Once we complete our Kickstarter fundraising campaign which runs from June 1st to June 30th, we’ll get this project started in earnest,” he says.

He is encouraging local residents and Baltimore-backers from around the country to follow the example of New Yorkers 125 years ago when average citizens – because neither the government nor big business would help – donated an average of $0.85 cents each toward erecting the monument.
Taylor has also brought in prominent Morgan State University School of Engineering professor Arthur Willoughby. Professor Willoughby was selected one of 13 U.S Black Engineers Of The Year in 1993. He is just as excited to be involved in a genuine community development initiative, as he is to take on a challenging engineering project.
Taylor comments, “BMORE is a definite ‘attitude changer’ with respect to encouraging and inspiring citizens of Baltimore to aspire, to achieve, in every area of life. BMORE motivates Baltimorians to develop, to accomplish, to excel.”
To view the 3-minute video online and/or to donate to the BMORE Community Sculpture Project, visit www.kickstarter.com/projects/2023274569/bmore-community-sculpture-project. Donors will receive wonderful gifts in exchange for their support.
The project can also be followed on Facebook at www.facebook.com/bmoreproject

Contact: Regi Taylor
Phone: 410-259-2815
Email: regi@regitaylor.com

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