Government | Spokesperson Training

An interview with the news media is unlike most conversations — it is strategic and goal-oriented. In any news interview, the goal is to firmly plant a designated message in the memory of the reporter’s audience.
Media training gives you tools to confidently and comfortably control an interview and ensure that your message gets to your audience. Positive Press PR prepares participants to craft key messages, bridge to their agenda, speak clearly and succinctly and effectively respond to the hard questions.

Our training programs are custom-designed for CEOs, Government PIO’s, senior executives, third party advocates and public relations managers who have been chosen as designated spokespersons and are likely to be involved in media interviews.

Our media training professionals have conducted hundreds of training sessions, mostly in our flexible half-day or shorter sessions. After a preliminary planning session with a client, we utilize a three-step process which includes:

■ Training session with presentations.
■ Key message development and message discipline during interviews.
■ One-on-one role-playing and coaching, videotaping, and personalized follow-up review sessions if desired.

Government contracts and RFP’s are also accepted with our firm.